Friday, May 22, 2009

California Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage Expected Soon

Several news sources are reporting that the California Supreme Court Decision on proposition 8 and the future of Gay Marriage in California is imminent. Some had speculated that the decision would be handed down yesterday, but are now expecting the decision on Tuesday.

Some groups favoring Gay Marriage are anticipating that proposition 8 will be upheld, and are planning accordingly. One of the more interesting approaches is being taken by the group Equality California. They have started a campaign entitled "Win Marriage Back". Their campaign plans to feature a concertedgrass roots effort, along with what they describe as "powerful" TV commercials.


Equality California - Win Marriage Back
San Francisco Bay Times - Here Comes Da Justice! California to Rule Soon
SF City Hall Examiner - Prop 8 Ruling Will Come Out Soon! It's Prediction Time!

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