Monday, May 11, 2009

Gay-marriage momentum stalls in R.I.

Rhode Island is bucking the trend sweeping New England of accepting same-sex marriage. An AP story posted on MSNBC states that religion is likely the biggest hurdle. Results from a Trinity College survey showed that 46% of Rhode Islanders identify themselves as being Roman Catholic making their state the most Catholic state in the Union.

Bishop of Providence Rhode Island Thomas J. Tobin has been unwaveringly firm in his denunciation of same-sex marriage. He has blamed the progress of same-sex marriage in part on "abysmal" Catholic apathy, has reemphasized Catholic teachings on sexual morality, and has stated that same-sex "marriage" is a threat to religious freedom.

In a Catholic News Agency story, Bishop Tobin is quoted as saying, “The gay culture continues to seep into our popular culture, cleverly claiming credibility."

Whereas some see this as an issue of civil rights, Bishop Tobin is quoted in the AP story as saying, "We don't see it as a civil rights issue because there's never a right to do something that's morally wrong."

As would be expected, some in favor of same-sex marriage see this as just another example of religion teaching bigotry. In a comment posted to the Catholic News Service story, one individual wrote:
The Catholic Church and the Mormon Church need to get together. Oh...they did in California. Never mind that the Mormon leaders call the Catholic Church the "Whore of All the Earth". Believe me I know they do, I was a missionary for the Church...No longer am a member of it, nor of any church. Almost all churches teach hate and I really don't want to be a part of any of them.
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